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Swisher ESP Metal Tornado Safety Shelter SR84X039G - 6-Person Residential Capacity

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      Product Details

      ESP - Emergency Security Preparedness Safety Shelter - SR84X039G - 6-Person Residential Capacity

      When it comes to protecting your loved ones and ensuring their safety during emergencies, having a safety shelter is of utmost importance. A safety shelter provides a secure and protected space for individuals to seek refuge during natural disasters or threats posed by man. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the SR84X039G safety shelter, manufactured by ESP safety shelters.

      Technical Specifications:

      • Internal Dimensions: 80”L x 35”W x 76”H
      • External Dimensions: 87”L x 42”W x 78”H
      • Capacity: Up to 6 Person
      • Material: 3/16” (0.188”) thick carbon steel
      • Hardware: Grade 5
      • Surface Coating: Majority powder coated
      • Door Design: Sliding reinforced steel door
      • Locking Mechanism: Security Grade Deadbolt, three steel pins, 4th locking pin from inside
      • Ventilation: Shielded air vents
      • Quick Release Door: Yes
      • Emergency Panels: Included, with emergency wrench
      • Modular Design: Bolt together for ease of construction and relocation
      • Optional Add-ons: Benches, shelving, built-in gun racks
      • Warranty: 5 year limited

      Selling Points:

      • Protection Levels:
        • Provides near absolute protection from EF5 tornado strikes.
        • Offers high-level protection against intruders.
        • Acts as a vault for valuable belongings (Not fire-rated due to storm protection requirements).
      • Construction and Design:
        • Made from durable 3/16” thick carbon steel.
        • Grade 5 hardware for enhanced security.
        • Powder coating for protection and appearance.
      • Unique Door Design:
        • Sliding reinforced steel door eliminates common door-related issues.
        • Takes up no additional space when opened.
        • Reduces risk of being trapped by debris after an event.
      • Multi-Locking Mechanism:
        • Security Grade Deadbolt and steel pins for robust locking.
        • 4th pin installed and removed only from inside for added security.
        • Single-handle operation for quick and easy locking.
      • Hinge and Door Support:
        • Hinge side is locked into adjacent wall for extra security.
        • No screws or pins that may break.
      • Ventilation and Accessibility:
        • Shielded air vents for continuous airflow.
        • Quick-release sliding door for debris-blocked situations.
      • Compliance and Verification:
        • Tested and passed at National Wind Institute and withstood nine impacts equivalent to EF5 tornado force.
        • Verified by NSSA for FEMA compliance.
      • Installation and Warranty:
        • DIY project with qualified inspector inspection required.
        • NSSA Type 4 seal for warranty after successful inspection.
        • Limited lifetime storm damage replacement benefit with proper installation documentation.

      Owner's Manual    FAQ's Document    Anchoring Requirements

      What is a Swisher ESP safety shelter?

      Definition of a safety shelter

      A safety shelter is a specially designed structure that offers near absolute protection against violent acts of nature, such as tornadoes, and other threats like home invasion. It serves as a safe zone where individuals can seek shelter and stay protected until the danger passes.

      Importance of having a safety shelter

      Having a safety shelter is crucial for ensuring the safety and security of you and your loved ones. It provides a sense of peace knowing that you have a designated space to seek refuge during emergencies. A safety shelter can offer multi-purpose protection and security, serving as a safe haven during tornadoes and other disasters.

      Different types of safety shelters

      There are various types of safety shelters available in the market, including underground shelters, above-ground shelters, and safe rooms built within houses or buildings. Each type has its own advantages and suitability based on individual needs and preferences.

      Why choose the SR84X039G safety shelter?

      Features of the safety shelter SR84X039G

      The SR84X039G safety shelter, manufactured by ESP safety shelters, offers advanced features to ensure the safety and protection of its occupants. The shelter is built using high-quality construction materials that can withstand the most extreme tornado activity and offer utmost security.

      National Storm Shelter Association verification

      The SR84X039G ESP safety shelter has undergone a rigorous third-party review and the shelter has undergone and passed testing at the National Wind Institute at Texas Tech University as well. It has received verification from the National Storm Shelter Association, further validating its effectiveness in providing protection during tornadoes and other severe weather events.

      Testing at the National Wind Institute

      The SR84X039G safety shelter has been subjected to rigorous testing at the National Wind Institute, known for its expertise in evaluating the performance of structures under extreme wind conditions. The shelter has proven its ability to withstand the forces of an EF5 tornado, offering unmatched protection to its occupants.

      How does the safety shelter SR84X039G provide protection?

      Design features for protection from tornadoes

      The SR84X039G ESP safety shelter's design has features to enhance its ability to protect against tornadoes. Its reinforced structure, along with strategically placed anchor bolts, provides exceptional strength and stability during high wind events.

      Construction materials used in the SR84X039G

      The SR84X039G safety shelter is constructed using top-grade materials that have been tested for durability and resilience. The materials used ensure the shelter's ability to withstand the impact and debris associated with tornadoes, keeping the occupants safe and secure.

      EF5 tornado protection claims and certification

      The SR84X039G safety shelter has been certified to provide protection from EF5 tornadoes, the most severe category with wind speeds exceeding 200 miles per hour. The shelter's certification guarantees its ability to offer a safe refuge even in the most extreme weather conditions.

      What is the inspection and review process for ESP Storm safety shelters?

      The role of a qualified inspector

      A qualified inspector plays a crucial role.  Each shelter is inspected by a qualified inspector to ensure the safety and compliance of safety shelters. They conduct thorough inspections to verify the structural integrity, installation, and overall performance of the shelter.

      Inspection process for ESP storm shelters

      During the inspection process, the inspector carefully examines various aspects of the safety shelter, including its construction, anchoring systems, ventilation, and emergency communication options. They also ensure that the shelter meets all the necessary building codes and regulations.

      Reviewing the testing results for the SR84X039G

      The testing results for the SR84X039G safety shelter, conducted at the National Wind Institute, can be reviewed to gain a comprehensive understanding of its performance and capabilities. These results provide valuable insights on how esp safety shelters will withstand tornadoes and protect its occupants.

      Where can you learn more about ESP metal tornado safety shelters?

      Official website for ESP safety shelters

      To explore further details about the SR84X039G safety shelter, you can visit the official website of ESP safety shelters. The website provides comprehensive information about the features, benefits, and specifications of their safety shelters.

      Customer testimonials for the SR84X039G

      Reading customer testimonials is a great way to get an idea of the satisfaction level and experiences of those who have purchased the SR84X039G safety shelter. These testimonials can provide insights into the performance and effectiveness of the shelter in real-life situations.

      Contact information for ESP safety shelters

      If you have any inquiries or would like to get in touch with ESP safety shelters directly, their contact information is available on their official website. You can reach out to their team for further assistance and guidance regarding their safety shelters.