About Us

Welcome to Prepper Hideout! Have you been prepping for years or did you just recently come to the conclusion that you’d better start thinking about the unpleasant possibility that we won’t always have it as easy as we do right now?

In either case, we at Prepper Hideout have a mission to be your best resource in preparedness knowledge and products to help you build your prepper home.  Our goal at Prepper Hideout is to be the ultimate resource for all the equipment that anyone might need to fully turn your home into the best place for your and your loved ones to be no matter what may come. We also have a Facebook group that is a place where like-minded people can engage in fruitful conversation. We are constantly striving to improve our site so if you have any recommendations or suggestions please don’t hesitate to leave a comment or drop us a line.

Prepper Hideout Moral Code

We would like to be clear about our intentions and who the site is intended for. We use the term “prepper” a lot on the site. This term is in no way meant to be racist, radical, or extremist. We do not advocate the use of violence against others except in defense of yourself or someone else and do not support anyone who does.

About the Founder

I grew up in a rural Wyoming town of only 900 people but after graduating from college I lived in a number of places including two years in southern California and over 15 years in the People’s Republic of China. After travelling the world I’m back home and I have a fuller understanding of just how important it is that people be prepared for the worst while hoping and praying for the best.

I hope you enjoy browsing everything we have to offer here on Prepper Hideout, spend some time engaging with the community in our Facebook group, and finalizing your preparedness plan.

Darren Small

Darren S. Small
Founder of Prepper Hideout