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Law Enforcement Evidence Enclosures for Securing Digital Evidence by Faraday Defense

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      Product Details

      Law Enforcement Faraday Enclosure to Secure Digital and Electronic Forensic Evidence

      Prevent your digital evidence from being remotely wiped or located. Faraday enclosures are important tools for Law Enforcement, and with the rise of stronger device signals and eSIM cards, they are quickly becoming necessary for evidence protection and storage. This enclosure package comes at the request of law enforcement agencies, and is designed to provide you with the most budget-friendly and dependable solution for safely holding seized digital evidence. This package also includes 5 top-of-the-line Faraday bags for your unit.

      Product Description

      Safely Store and Extract Data

      Inside these Faraday tents. This portable enclosure from Faraday Defense boasts premium signal blocking and is used by Law Enforcement agencies across the continent.

      What's Included in the Package?

      • 1 – 4’x4’x6.5′ Faraday Tent Enclosure:

        • Average shielding effectiveness of -90 dB attenuation in the range of 30 MHz to 10 GHz and averages -92 dB attenuation in the range of 1 GHz to 40 GHz.

      • 1 – 4’x3’x6.5′ Tent Vestibule:

        • Same shielding ratings as the tent.
      • 1 – Ventilation System with dual honeycomb vent panels with air flow of 204CFM

      • 5 – Faraday JACKET XL faraday bags

      • Included IO Ports and Connectors:

        • 1 RJ45 Ethernet Filter (10G)
        • 1 250 VAC/500VDC/30A facility filter (-100 dB 100kHz to 40GHz) with (1) USA 120VAC/15A 5 outlet power strips rated for max 15A and a 5-15P 120V /15A line cord.
        • 1 USB 3.0 port (compatible with USB 2.0)

      Customization Options

      If you would require different enclosure size, port connector options, or extra features like lighting, transport cases, etc., please contact us and we would be happy to accommodate you. You may also add more Faraday bags to your order as well if desired. Our email is, and our phone number is +1 (888) 831-8488.

      Law enforcement agencies around the world face the challenge of handling and storing digital evidence obtained from various devices. With the rise in cybercrime and the increasing use of digital devices in criminal activities, it has become imperative for law enforcement to have efficient tools for preserving and protecting digital evidence. One such tool is a Faraday Enclosure.

      What is a Secure Faraday Enclosure?


      A Faraday Enclosure is a specially designed bag or pouch that is made using Faraday cage technology. It is used to shield and isolate electronic devices from external electromagnetic signals and prevent them from transmitting or receiving any wireless communication. This ensures that the devices inside the enclosure remain secure and their data is protected.


      Faraday enclosures work by creating a conductive enclosure around the electronic devices placed inside. The enclosure is made of conductive material, such as metal, which creates a barrier that prevents electromagnetic signals from entering or leaving the enclosure. This effectively blocks any wireless communication and provides a secure environment for the devices.

      Benefits for Law Enforcement

      Law enforcement agencies can utilize Faraday enclosures to safely store and transport digital evidence without the risk of data manipulation or unauthorized communication. By using a Faraday enclosure, agencies can ensure the admissibility of evidence in court, as it safeguards against any potential tampering or contamination.

      How does a Faraday Bag Work?

      Shielding Technology

      Faraday bags utilize advanced shielding technology to protect electronic devices from external electromagnetic signals. The bags are made of multiple layers of conductive material that form a barrier, known as a Faraday cage, which prevents electromagnetic fields from passing through and reaching the devices inside.

      Preventing Signal Transmission

      By completely blocking any external signals, Faraday bags prevent mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, from transmitting data or communicating with the outside world. This ensures that the integrity of the evidence remains intact and prevents any potential hacking or unauthorized access to the data stored in these devices.

      Secure Electronic Evidence Storage

      Faraday bags offer a safe and secure option for storing electronic devices with digital evidence. The bags are designed with the specific purpose of keeping the devices isolated from any external interference, maintaining the integrity of the evidence inside. This is essential for preserving the chain of custody and ensuring the reliability of the evidence during forensic investigations.

      Why are Faraday Cages Essential for Electronic Law Enforcement Forensic Evidence?

      Preserving Digital Evidence

      For law enforcement agencies, preserving digital evidence in its original state is crucial for successful investigations and prosecutions. Faraday enclosures provide a controlled environment where electronic devices can be stored and analyzed without the risk of external influences compromising the integrity of the evidence.

      Protecting Against Data Manipulation

      Digital evidence can be easily manipulated or tampered with if not properly secured. Faraday cages act as a barrier, shielding electronic devices from external electromagnetic signals that could alter or compromise the data stored within. This protection is essential for maintaining the authenticity and reliability of digital evidence.

      Ensuring Admissible Evidence

      In legal proceedings, the admissibility of evidence is crucial for obtaining convictions. Faraday enclosures play a vital role in ensuring that digital evidence is admissible in court by safeguarding against any potential tampering, contamination, or unauthorized communication. This ensures that the evidence can be relied upon by both the prosecution and the defense.

      When and How to Use a Faraday Enclosure?

      Proper Handling of Evidence

      It is essential for law enforcement agencies to follow proper procedures for handling digital evidence. When confiscating electronic devices for investigation, they should be immediately placed inside a Faraday enclosure to prevent any external interference. This includes devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, or any other electronic devices that may contain relevant information.

      Best Practices for Faraday Bag Usage

      To ensure the effectiveness of Faraday enclosures, law enforcement agencies should adopt best practices for their usage. It is recommended to use Faraday bags that are specifically designed for law enforcement purposes and offer premium protection for digital evidence. Agencies should choose enclosures made of high-quality materials that provide maximum shielding capabilities.

      Recommended Enclosure Types

      There are different types of Faraday enclosures available in the market, each suited for specific purposes and device sizes. Law enforcement agencies should consider their requirements and choose the appropriate enclosure type accordingly. Some enclosures are designed for storing multiple devices simultaneously, while others are smaller and suitable for individual devices.

      Where to Get Faraday Enclosures for Law Enforcement?

      Order Now or Contact us here at Prepper Hideout

      Law enforcement agencies looking to procure Faraday enclosures for digital evidence storage can order the standard model here on this page or contact us here at Prepper Hideout for specialized orders. We offer a range of enclosures designed to meet the specific requirements of law enforcement agencies.

      Ordering Customized Enclosures

      In some cases, law enforcement agencies may require customized Faraday enclosures to accommodate their unique needs. To fulfill such requirements, agencies can contact Prepper Hideout for customization services. This allows agencies to order enclosures that are tailor-made to fit specific devices or meet specific operational needs.

      Key Considerations for Procurement

      When procuring Faraday enclosures, law enforcement agencies should consider certain key factors. These factors include the quality of the material used, the effectiveness of the shielding technology, and the reputation and reliability of the provider. It is important to choose enclosures that meet the necessary standards and provide the required level of protection for digital evidence.