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Large Faraday Tabletop Enclosure 4′ x 4′ x 4′

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      Product Details

      Faraday Tabletop Tent Enclosures: Unparalleled RF and EMI Shielding

      Introducing our Large Faraday Tabletop Enclosure (4′ x 4′ x 4′), a substantial RF shielding solution providing a secure environment for your sensitive equipment. Here are the key features:

      • Size:

        • Large tabletop enclosure measuring 4′ x 4′ x 4′, offering a total volume of 64 cubic feet.
      • Shielding Effectiveness:

        • 85 dB Attenuation.

        • Customizable to suit your specific requirements.
        • High-grade protection that is both affordable and versatile.
      • Components:

        • Comfortably holds one individual with a small table and chair.
        • Two shielded honeycomb vents: lower intake with fan and sleeve, upper exhaust.
        • Included accessories: power strip, extra connectors, tensioning accessories, protective bags, and rip repair kit.
        • Double-layer construction with Faraday thread and heavy-duty seams.
      • Test Range:

        • Minimum 85 dB (average 90 dB), covering frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz.
      • Faraday Tents:

        • Enables maximum, comprehensive security for forensic and anti-espionage investigations.
        • Secures not only devices but an entire area for investigators to operate in a protected field.
      • Transmitter Security:

        • Transmitters are unable to operate from inside, ensuring secure communication in anti-espionage investigations.
      • Additional Features:

        • Double-wall construction.
        • Double magnetic/zippered doors.
        • Positive air ventilation.
        • Shielded power, Ethernet, and LED lighting.
      • Applications:

        • Essential in various forensic scenarios, including EMC pre-compliance testing, wireless device testing, temporary EMI shielding, and secure communications.
        • EMC Product Compliance Testing
        • RF and EMI Shielding
        • Instrumentation Repair and Calibration
        • Production and Quality Product Line Testing
        • Wireless Service Centers
        • High Voltage Test Labs
        • Secure Computer Rooms
        • Wireless Product Testing
        • Metrology Labs
        • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
        • Medical Equipment and Instrumentation
        • Biomedical Engineering Labs
        • Embassies and Consulates
        • TEMPEST Security Areas
        • Forensic Labs
        • NSA 94-106 Applications
        • Drone/UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Testing

        The Faraday Defense Tabletop Tent offers a quick setup and breakdown for situations requiring rapid deployment and enclosure. It provides an affordable alternative to traditional hard wall chambers, matching their shielding effectiveness. Independent testing demonstrated a minimum signal attenuation of -85.7 dB over a range of frequencies from 400 MHz to 18 GHz, measured through the wall at multiple locations.
        • Optimum Construction:

        The Faraday Defense Tabletop Tent enclosure ensures maximum protection using a silver/copper/nickel conductive fabric and features a double magnet strip door. It is proudly made in the USA.

        Experience the assurance of advanced shielding technology with our Small Faraday Tabletop Enclosure.

        Introducing Faraday Defense: Leaders in Shielded Tent Enclosure Technology

        • What Sets Faraday Defense Apart in Shielded Enclosures

          • Expertise in Faraday Cage Construction
          • Cutting-edge EMI Shielding Technology
          • Versatile Applications for Emergency Preparedness and Forensics

        Faraday Defense leads the industry in crafting advanced Faraday Tent Enclosures, delivering unmatched RF and EMI shielding. Our expertise in Faraday cage construction and state-of-the-art EMI shielding technology sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for applications demanding the highest levels of protection.

        Unmatched Protection: The Faraday Defense Faraday Tent

        • The Anatomy of a Faraday Tent

          • Hard Wall vs. Soft Wall: Which is Right for You?
          • How RF Shielded Tents Ensure EMI Protection
          • Customizing Your Shielded Enclosure for Optimal Performance

        When it comes to shielding, Faraday Defense offers a range of options including hard wall and soft wall Faraday tents. These tents are meticulously designed to provide over -90 dB shielding effectiveness, ensuring maximum isolation from external interference. Our customizable enclosures guarantee shielding performance tailored to your specific requirements, operating under typical conditions at various frequencies.

        • Applications for Faraday Defense Shielded Tents

          • EMC Pre-Compliance Testing
          • Wireless Device Testing
          • Temporary EMI Shielding Solutions
          • Secure Communications in Sensitive Environments

        Our high-performing RF EMI-shielded soft wall enclosures are the perfect solution for a variety of applications. From EMC pre-compliance to wireless device testing, our tents offer economical shielding options without compromising on effectiveness. Additionally, they provide a faraday cage solution for secure communications in sensitive environments.

        Advantages of Faraday Defense's RF Shielded Tents

        • Beyond Standard: Features that Redefine RF Shielding

          • Shielded Power Solutions for Seamless Operations
          • Ethernet Connectivity in a Shielded Environment
          • LED Lighting for Precision Work

        Faraday Defense's RF-shielded tents are not just standard enclosures; they are complete, assembled systems, including installed components operating under typical conditions at various frequencies. Our patented door seal ensures maximum isolation, while the conductive fabric and double-layer design provide over -90 dB shielding effectiveness. Additionally, our tents offer a cost-effective alternative to hard-walled metal chambers.

        • Mobility and Storage: The Faraday Defense Advantage

          • Portable RF EMI Shielded Tent Options
          • Efficient Transportation with Pelican Storage Cases
          • Airline-Compatible Travel Cases for On-the-Go Operations

        Our RF EMI shielded tents are truly portable, with an on-the-fly setup that saves you time and effort. Whether you choose standard sizes from tabletop enclosures to larger 9’x 19’ x 10’ options, they all provide the same high-performing RF EMI shielding. And with our specialized enclosure storage bag, transportation is a breeze.

        Tailored Solutions for Every Application

        • Customizing Your RF Shielded Tent

          • Flame Retardant and Resistant Liner Options
          • ESD Liner for Enhanced Static Control
          • Sound Reduction and Absorbing Systems for Optimal Acoustics
          • Exterior Covers for Outdoor Deployment

        Faraday Defense offers a range of customization options to ensure your RF-shielded tent meets your specific needs. Choose from various liners, including flame retardant, ESD, and sound-absorbing options. Additionally, exterior covers are available for outdoor deployment.

        • Seamless Connectivity with I/O Plate Filtered Connectors

          • AC Power, DC Power, and Ethernet Options
          • USB 2.0, 3.0, and C-Speed Connectors for High-Speed Data Transfer
          • HDMI, SMA, BNC, and More: Customizing Your Connector Setup

        Our tents are equipped with I/O plate-filtered connectors, providing seamless connectivity for a wide range of applications. From AC and DC power to high-speed data transfer options, we have you covered. Choose from a variety of connectors to create a setup that meets your specific requirements.

        Contact Us to Build Your Custom RF Shielded Enclosure

        Custom Enclosures:

        For those seeking a high-performance alternative to hard-wall metal chambers, we offer custom RF/EMI shielded soft wall enclosures with over -90 dB shielding effectiveness. These are available in portable to semi-permanent design options.

        Available Options:

        • Construction:

          • Flame retardant/resistant liner.
          • ESD liner for static control.
          • Sound reduction/absorbing lining with sound masking systems.
          • Exterior covers for outdoor deployment.
          • Vestibule entrance.
          • Zero-threshold door.
          • Custom-sized door.
          • Shielded windows.
          • Detachable floor.
        • Transport:

          • Pelican storage cases.
          • Shipping cases.
          • Airline-compatible travel cases.
          • Frame cases.
        • Other:

          • RF/microwave absorbing foam.
          • I/O filter plates.
          • EMI-hardened lights.
          • In-house or independent IEEE® 299 (1-18 gHz testing of completed enclosure).
          • Custom engineering/design of enclosure.
          • I/O Plate Filtered Connectors:
            • AC Power.
            • DC Power.
            • 1G and 10G Ethernet.
            • USB: 2.0, 3.0, and C-Speed.
            • DB9, DB15, DB25.
            • HDMI 1.4.
            • SMA, BNC, N-Type, ST/ST, TNC.
            • RJ11, Custom waveguides.

        To create your own custom RF/EMI Shielded Enclosure, reach out to us at +1-888-831-8488 or email us at