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AIMS Power KIT Hybrid Inverter Charger & AGM Battery Bank 4.6 kW Inverter Output | 200 Amp Stored Battery Power

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      Product Details

      Introducing the Revolutionary AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Charger & AGM Battery Bank Kit: Your Gateway to True Energy Independence

      Embrace the Future of Power Management with AIMS Power

      Unlock the full potential of solar energy and gain unparalleled control over your power supply with the innovative AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Charger & Battery Bank Kit. Designed for the discerning prepper and homeowner who demands reliability and autonomy, this comprehensive system is a game-changer in achieving true independence from the grid.

      Why Choose the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Kit?

      • Complete Control: Seamlessly integrates solar power and battery backup, giving you total command over how you use and store your energy.
      • Eradicate Electric Bills: With the potential to reduce or completely eliminate your dependence on the grid, this system is not just an investment in security, but also in financial freedom.
      • Power on Demand: Ensures your home remains powered during outages, letting you dictate the terms of your energy use, not the utility company.
      • Remote Monitoring: Comes with an easy-to-use app for real-time system management from anywhere, providing peace of mind and convenience.

      Revolutionize Your Power Usage

      The AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter is more than just a power supply; it's a strategic energy management tool. It allows you to store solar energy in batteries, rather than sending it back to the grid, ensuring you have power when it matters most. With customizable programming, this system adapts to your lifestyle, not the other way around. Whether charging an EV, powering your home at night, or ensuring operation during a grid failure, the AIMS Power system offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency.

      Technical Superiority and Ease of Use

      Outperforming competitors in efficiency due to its high-voltage operation, the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter ensures less stress on your system for prolonged durability and safety. Its comprehensive design from a single manufacturer eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple customer service entities, streamlining troubleshooting and support.

      The digital touchscreen display offers intuitive modes for maximum convenience:

      • Self-Use: Prioritizes powering home loads with solar energy, using excess to recharge batteries or send back to the grid.
      • Selling First: Uses solar to power loads, with surplus energy returning to the grid.
      • Charge First: Charges batteries primarily, with excess powering loads or sent to the grid, also allowing for combined solar and grid charging when solar is insufficient.

      Your Power, Your Terms

      In an era of increasing grid instability, the AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Kit is not just a product but a declaration of independence. It's about taking the final step towards autonomy, completing the journey you began with solar panels. This system isn't just about preparing for emergencies; it's about rewriting the rules of energy consumption, giving you the freedom to live on your terms.

      With the included bank of 12V 200 amp AGM batteries, designed for exceptional deep cycle performance and longevity, you're not just equipped for today's challenges but prepared for the future of power.

      Technical Specifications:


      PV INPUT PIHY4600 – 4600 WATT (4.6kW)
      Max Input Power (kW) 6.9
      Max PV Voltage (V) 660
      MPPT Range (V) 80-550
      Normal Voltage 360
      Startup Voltage 100
      Max Input Current (A) 15.5 x 2
      Max Short Current (A) 26 x 2
      Max Charge/Discharge Power (kW) 6.9 | 6.9
      Max Charge/Discharge Current(A) 50
      Battery Voltage (V) 230
      Battery Voltage Range(V) 80- 495
      Battery Type Lithium | Lead
      AC GRID
      Max Continuous Power(kVA) 4.6
      Max Continuous Current(A) 19.5 | 22.5
      Nominal Grid Voltage (V) 211 to 264 @ 240 | 183 to 229 @ 208 (not 3 phase, split phase)
      Nominal Grid Frequency (Hz) 60
      Output Power Factor .99 adjustable
      Current THD(%) <3
      Max Continuous Power(kVA) 4.6
      Max Continuous Current(A) 19.5 | 22.5
      Max Peak Currenty (A)(10 min) 28.8 | 33.2
      Max Peak Power(kVA)(10 min) 6.9 | 6.9
      Nominal AC Voltage L-L(V) 240 | 208 (not 3 phase)
      Nominal AC Voltage L-N(V) 120 | 120
      Nominal AC Frequency(Hz) 60
      Switching Time(ms) <10
      Voltage THD(%) <3
      CEC Efficiency(%) 97
      Max Efficiency(%) 97.6
      PV to Battery Efficiency(%) 98.1
      Battery to AC Efficiency(%) 96.8
      PV Reverse Polarity Protection YES
      Battery Reverse Polarity Protection YES
      Over Current/Voltage Protection YES
      Anti-Islanding Protection YES
      AC Short Circuit Protection YES
      Residual Current Detection YES
      Ground Fault Monitoring YES
      Insulation Resister Detection YES
      PV Arc Detection YES
      Rapid Shut Down/Disconnect YES
      Enclosure Protect Level IP65 | NEMA4X
      Cooling Natural Convection
      Relative Humidity 0-100%
      Operating Temerature Range -25 to 60C | -77 to 140F
      Operating Altitude < 4000 m | <13123 ft without derating
      Noise Emission (dB) <25
      Stanby Consumption (W) <10
      Mounting Wall Bracket
      Communication with RSD SUNSPEC
      Display & Communication Interfaces Full Color LED, RS485, CAN, Wi-Fi
      Certification & Approvals UL 1741 SA | CSA 2202 No. 107-01 |UL 1998 | Rules21 | HECO Rule 14 | IP65 | CEC
      EMC FCC Part 15 Class B


      • Nominal Voltage 12V
      • 200 amp hours deep cycel AGM
      • Nominal Capacity 77F(25C)
      • 20 hour rate (10A 10.8V) 200Ah
      • 10 hour rate (18.7A 10.8V) 187Ah
      • 5 hour rate (35.8A 10.5V) 179Ah
      • 1 hour rate (126A 9.6V) 126Ah
      • Internal Resistance
      • Fully Charged battery 77F(25C) 4mOhms
      • Self-Discharge
        • 3% of capacity declined per month at 20C(average)
      • Operating Temperature Range
        • Discharge -20~60C
        • Charge -10~60C
        • Storage -20~60C
      • Max. Discharge Current 77F(25C) 1000A(5s)
      • Short Circuit Current 3300A
      • Charge Methods: Constant Voltage Charge 77F(25C)
      • Cycle use 14.4-14.7V
      • Maximum charging current 30A
      • Temperature compensation -30mV/oC
      • Standby use 13.6-13.8V
      • 20.5″ L x 8.78″ H x 9.37″ W
      • Weight(lb) 138
      • 5 year warranty manufacturer defects

      In embracing AIMS Power, you're not just choosing a power system; you're choosing a future where you're in complete control of your energy needs. Join the revolution and experience the freedom of living life fully powered, on your own terms.

      AIMS Power Hybrid Inverter Charger 4600 9600 from AIMS Power on Vimeo.

      If you'd like to purchase a large quantity please inquire about possible discounts by emailing us at